Start thinking about Denver…



We have one more year with the IFTD show conjoined with ICAST, and then it will be back on its own in Denver.  That’s a bittersweet deal for many. On the one hand, I don’t know a single trout shop person who wants to leave the North or West in the prime of trout season (often at the exact moment when it’s just starting to get GOOD… to go sweat in Orlando.  On the other hand, even though ICAST has a clear Florida identity these days, it has been great to see the conventional market more closely.  I’d suggest that It’s been good for us, in that it underscores the common ideals… it points out where the philosophical differences (e.g. conservation) exist… and if nothing else, it has made people in the fly fishing family appreciate… well, the fly fishing family.  My advice is to plan on going to ICAST and IFTD next year, because it will be your last opportunity to see the whole enchilada for the time being.  And then start planning to be in Denver in 2019 too, when fly fishing comes home.  –KD


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