The Angling Trade Survey: Does IFTD’s Move to Denver in 2019 (in October) Matter to You?



Most of you said you wanted the move. Now that you got it… are you going to commit?

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  1. Keith Jackson on

    As a writer covering the tackle business, I love the conjoined shows. I don’t do enough on the fly side to justify going to a separate fly show. I realize that I’m an anomaly, but I’m willing to bet there will be a fall-off in attendance with the change.

  2. Mr Retailer on

    The show was dying a slow death in Denver and Reno. Just as it started to gather momentum in Orlando, it’s splitting with ICAST and going back to Denver. Merging with ICAST was exciting, now we’re back to the same old same old…

    Perhaps the casting pool could be eliminated so we could all bowl in the aisles. We’ll be able to for sure.

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