Flymen Fishing Co. launches first-ever tapered synthetic fly tying fiber


Faux-Bucktail-groupFrom Flymen Fishing CO:

Today Flymen Fishing Company announced and released Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail, which is the first synthetic fiber tapered to a point like real animal fur for use in fly tying and lure making.

“Natural bucktail was one of the first, and is still one of the best, materials available to make flies, lures, and jigs,” said Martin Bawden, founder of Flymen Fishing Company and head product designer.

“However, as fly tyers we share in the general frustration of the difficulty of finding quality bucktail with long fibers on a consistent basis. We wanted to create a synthetic fiber with similar features to bucktail and properties that would allow it to be used as a more multi-purpose tying material with improvements over existing non-tapered synthetic fibers.”

Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail fibers have the same basic diameter, gentle crinkle, and taper as natural bucktail.

In appearance, it looks almost identical and has the same distinctive bucktail action in the water.

However, the fibers are not hollow (which helps your fly sink faster) and will not “flare” in the same way as regular bucktail while tying. This means tyers will need to tie with slightly different techniques to achieve the same effect. Professional fly tyer and fly fishing guide Blane Chocklett has filmed several videos with Flymen to demonstrate these techniques.

Every Faux Bucktail fiber is premium 6” (152 mm) length, giving fly tyers more than twice the amount of usable fibers per tail and eliminating the headache of sorting and searching for ideal strands. Simply peel off the full length of your desired amount of fibers, trim to length, and tie them in.

The fibers can be used in a wide range of fly and lure types.

Trout flies: Beautiful tapered wrapped “quill” bodies, nymph wing cases, Mayfly tails and legs.
Streamers: From tying typical Clouser Minnows or Deceivers right up to large, “bite-proof” Pike, Musky or Golden Dorado flies.
Poppers: Tie simple and durable tails on foam poppers
Bucktail Jigs: Tougher, longer lasting fresh and saltwater bucktail jigs.
Musky Bucktail Lures or dressed trebles.


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