Had Enough of the Politics? Yeah… So Have We.



A reminder that the next PRINT issue of Angling Trade magazine will be coming out in late April, so please submit any story ideas/pitches, etc., for content to be included in the “Currents” section as soon as possible.

We are most interested in product and people news.  If you’re working on something you want to talk about… if something is doing better than expected… if you’re looking for talent, whatever… let us know, please.

And we’re happy to hear any policy or politics ideas you have as well.  (If we’ve learned anything in recent months, it is that this industry is going to have to stay vigilant on issues like public lands, clean water, and so forth, or we’re all going to pay the price.)  Sure, we’re going to be covering some of those things in the next issue.  But we’re really going to make a conscious effort to get back to the basics of covering the products that make money, and help anglers get more out of their time on the water.


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