Six Reasons Why We Can Still Prevail on Pebble



By Kirk Deeter

Maybe I’m an optimist, but I don’t necessarily think the pendulum is going to swing the other way on Pebble Mine, even under the new Trump Administration. Sure, the sledding is going to get tougher, especially with the EPA headed in the direction it is. But if we stick together, and continue to make a cogent case against Pebble, we can prevail. Here are six reasons why:

  1. Pebble is a bad deal. President Trump is all about the deal. This is about a Canadian company mining on American soil, to reap copper and gold that’s mostly going to end up in China. It puts at risk an already thriving fishing economy. This is not an “America First” deal.
  2. You can’t put America First if you don’t bother to listen to the First Americans. Over 80 percent of the native Americans in that region oppose the mine. Their voices matter most.
  3. This isn’t an “energy” project, it’s a mining project. So while the Trump Administration may strive to increase American energy independence, this is an apples and oranges comparison.
  4. Many businesses are opposed to the Pebble Mine, and leading the list is President Trump’s Fifth Avenue neighbor, Tiffany & Co.
  5. It’s a nonpartisan issue. Republicans are lining up against Pebble Mine as much as Democrats.
  6. Most importantly, it’s a cultural issue that involves sportsmen and sportswomen who vote en masse. If you like to fish, or you like to hunt, this one matters. Trump family members are outdoor enthusiasts, so let’s see where that goes. If ever there were a chance to make a statement on behalf of wild places, this is still it.

Shoot me down if you disagree, but I’m still marching…


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  1. Right on, Kirk. I think most of your points are valid. Fly anglers and the industry has always been the tip of the spear on this campaign, but it’s only grown stronger over the years as the broader sporting community has joined the team. We will need to regain some ground under the new leadership at EPA, most likely. But, seeing the flame of this campaign reignite – and much of it happening organically – shows that the passion is still there to protect Bristol Bay. If there ever were a line in the proverbial sand, this is still it. Let’s crank this back up, and take down Pebble again! Thanks for all the past and ongoing support. Scott Hed, Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

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