Next Issue of Trout to Focus on Skills


trout-tipsThe spring issue of Trout magazine, the national publication of Trout Unlimited, will have a slightly different focus.  Sure, there will be essays and stories that revolve around important conservation topics.  But this issue will also heavily feature skills—tips and tricks for improving fly fishing prowess from TU members throughout the country. It promises to be a widely-read and oft-referred-to edition.

At the core will be excerpts from the forthcoming book Trout Tips (Skyhorse Publishing, spring 2017).  Edited by AT’s (and TU’s VP of Trout Media) Kirk Deeter, the book builds off popular best-selling format of The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing, which Deeter co-wrote with the late Charlie Meyers in 2010.  With short entries divided into simple categories, and clear, straight-shot narratives meant to simplify and make fly-fishing lessons easy for anglers of all levels, Trout Tips includes advice from guides and amateur fly aficionados alike, men and women of all ages and interests.  Be sure to look for the book later this spring, as it is bound to sell like the Little Red Book, and all author royalties go directly to TU and trout habitat.

The next issue of Trout will also have features from Erin Block on fly tying, and Josh Duplechian has rounded up a team of noted fly-fishing photographers to share their tips of the trade on how to take better photos of fish.  There are also tips on sight casting, and innovative conservation skills as well.  It will equal Trout’s largest issue to date, and it also launches a more concerted effort by TU to offer free skills improvement resources to all anglers through not only the magazine, but also online, through E-newsletters, and a forthcoming digital variation of Trout.

“Good trout fishing depends on good habitat, and good information,” said Deeter.  “TU is already focused on the habitat, but we also feel we owe anglers information they might find useful to enjoy their time on the water more.  We have a big pool of ideas from people throughout the country, and we’re going to share more of that.”


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