Costa Delves Into Prescription Optics


screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-12-50-30-pmIf you’re a fan of Costa frames, and you wear prescription eyeglasses, you’re going to like this news.  Costa is introducing a line of prescription (indoor) eyewear.  Available in a number of fashionable frames and different sizes, the best news is that the lenses are extremely clear, and at least in my case, Costa nailed the prescription perfectly.  I’m wearing them now as I produce this E-newsletter.  I have a particularly tricky prescription–beyond 6 feet I need nothing at all.  At 2-3 feet, I need focal help of one variety, and then to read my watch or look at notes at close range, I need a different xanax online from canada magnification.  I’ve been to many eye doctors, have ordered multiple pairs of glasses through retail shops and online, and have yet to receive a pair of progressives this spot-on.  The frames are lightweight and comfortable, and the lenses are easy to keep clean and clear.  And of course, the little Costa “C” on the stems subtly indicates my affinity for angling.  I cannot give Costa high-enough praise, and I encourage you to stay tuned, talk to your Costa rep, and plan on buying a pair for yourselves (if you need them) and/or recommend them to your customers who wear prescription glasses.
-K. Deeter


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