Thomas & Thomas Means Business



By Kirk Deeter

If you’re not dealing with Thomas & Thomas, you are missing out.  It’s that simple.  Not only is there renewed energy there since Neville Orsmond took over the company, they’re cranking out some very serious product.  T&T rods have always had a bit of a cult following, but now the company is making even better models, and we think they’re going to blow things wide open.

I’ve seen plenty of rod companies (and rod company owners) come and go, T&T’s among them.  I was a skeptic that new ownership would resurrect this brand.  Especially with such powerful performers already owning much of the market.

But the proof is in the pudding, or graphite… or resins or whatever else they use to make rods.  Specific cases in point are the new Avantt ($825) and Exocett ($895) series.  We’ve been fishing both Avantt (trout) and Exocett (saltwater… but also carp), and are duly impressed, not only with the aesthetics (a striking matte blue finish), but more importantly the actions.  Both rods are powerful, fast action designs, but the real premium is the blank recovery, lack of vibration (thanks to applied resin technology), and ultimately accuracy. Everyone’s stroke is different. Everyone’s cast is different.  I can assure you that the “sweet spot” for both models is big enough to cause many anglers instant gratification.  If the Exocett isn’t one of the top few saltwater models on the market right now, we don’t know what is. I’d say the same for Avantt and add that both models are finalists in the “best overall rack appeal” category.

Moreover, T&T is bringing some marketing moxie to the fold, and the company is backing words with action.

You’ve read the kind things we’ve said about Scott, and Sage, and Orvis, and some others over the years. We stand by all that.  We’re thrilled that this market has such quality companies leading it.  T&T has rightfully repositioned itself in the upper echelon as well now.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Check out this story in the Business Journal of Western Massachusetts as well


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