TROUT Unlimited Media… What it Means


Many of you have seen the announcement that I have been promoted to the position of Vice President of “Trout Media” within Trout Unlimited.  Thank you for the words of congratulations and encouragement I have received from many of you.

I will effectively be taking over many of the responsibilities that my good friend Joel Johnson handled so well.  Joel is chasing another great opportunity, but he vows to stay involved with the fly-fishing industry in the future.  I encourage those of you who need great marketing and branding ideas to tap into his expertise.  We need Joel involved in this industry and I will do my best to ensure he remains a part.

TU is making a slight shift from looking at this position as a “marketing” responsibility to making it more of an interactive “media company” within the organization.  In a nutshell, my role will transition from primarily being editor of TROUT magazine to now include digital media as well.  In addition to the website, we will be launching a digital version of TROUT in 2017.  Trout Media’s responsibilities also cover social media, television, books, etc.  The vision is to have a cohesive entity that works as a content engine on issues and topics related to trout fishing.  While conservation is obviously at the heart of the TU mission, Trout Media will also touch on other topics that enhance the overall trout angling experience, from “how-to,” to gear, and otherwise.  We want to create more valuable resources for anglers with the hope that by making them better, we can also engage them in the issues that keep the sport vibrant.

I’m going to roll back my involvement with Field&Stream, which has meant very much to me.  I will continue to play a role in Angling Trade, but will delegate some of that as well.

I fully intend to grow the partnerships and relationships I enjoy with the fly-fishing business community (media, manufacturer, retailer, and otherwise).  I am eager to help you with your jobs, and think I am in a better position to do so now.  So please don’t be shy with questions, advice, suggestions and so forth.  I am going to be off the grid next week charging the batteries for the tasks that lie ahead, but I plan to hit the ground running when the new job takes effect, September 1.

Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you.

Kirk Deeter


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