Smith Creek Fishing Products forms a new US distribution Partnership


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.09.58 PMFrom Smith Creek:

Fly fishing manufacturer Smith Creek® announces the formation of a distribution partnership with US company Hareline Dubbin in Monroe, Oregon.

Hareline Dubbin have been added to the company’s existing network US distributors to
expand its reach and presence in the North American market.

Smith Creek’s founder, Wayne Smith said the new partnership was formed to better serve the
Pacific Northwest and dealers not currently working with their existing distributors or sales
reps. “We have great relationships with our existing distributors and expect Hareline to add to
our success. It’s another win for Smith Creek and we’re excited to be working with them”
added Smith.

Hareline Dubbin joins Smith Creek’s worldwide network of distributors that includes
Anglers Accessories – USA, Rumpf – USA, Rudi Heger – Germany, Fly-Dressing AB –
Sweden, St George Sporting – UK, T.O.F. – France, Elberse International – Netherlands,
Deportes Landa – Spain, Flyfishdolomiti – Italy, Mayfly Tackle -Australia, Walton’s – Japan,
Hugmyndir Studio -Iceland, DOHIKU – Slovakia, and Mavungana Flyfishing – South Africa.

Smith said that his company will soon be launching a new product which crosses over into the
spin, bait casting and salt water markets.

Smith Creek® – Innovative, exceptional quality fishing gear designed by fishermen for
fishermen. Company founder Wayne Smith, originally from California, discovered his own
New Zealand paradise while fishing his way across the South Pacific on his sailboat 20 odd
years ago. Being a designer and innovator he continues to think up new and better ways of
doing things.

Net Holster™ – Belt mounted landing net holster
Rod Clip™ – Wearable rod holder
Trash Fish™ – Spent Line Wrangler™
Rid Keeper™ – Dropper rig system
Middle Fork Fly Patch™ – Double-sided fly patch
Streamer Patch™ – Double-sided fly patch for streamers and large flies

Smith Creek Ltd. PO Box 31539, Milford, Auckland, New Zealand 0620 +64 (0)9 410-6552
[email protected] –


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