Scientific Anglers Launches AST PLUS slickness Additive


sa-logoFrom Scientific Anglers:

Long known as the industry leader in fly-line innovation, Scientific Anglers announces its new AST Plus slickness additive, a breakthrough in slickness technology that drastically increases slickness, shooting distance, and durability.

“AST Plus is the newest innovation in our never-ending quest to create the slickest fly lines on the planet. This brand-new, proprietary formulation is dispersed throughout the entire fly-line coating, from the core to the surface,” said research and development manager Josh Jenkins. “Testing has shown that fly lines made with AST Plus are up to 40% slicker and last over 60% longer than lines with no additive.”

The compound used in AST Plus is extremely unique in its properties, because it can actually move within the coating, extending the line’s slick behavior throughout the life of the line.

“AST Plus naturally migrates to the surface of the fly line as the coating begins to wear,” Jenkins said. “That out-of-the-box slickness will be there long after the trip to the fly shop.

AST Plus will be available in the all-new Amplitude series of lines, which will debut in Scientific Anglers dealers in September of 2016 with an MSRP of $129.95.

About Scientific Anglers:
Founded in 1945 in Midland, Michigan, Scientific Anglers has been an industry leader in the development of fly lines, leaders, tippets, reels, and accessories for more than 70 years. Scientific Anglers developed the modern floating fly line and pioneered the use of textured technologies in fly-line construction


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