Kudos to Oliver White…


oliverThose of you who know Oliver will want to congratulate him this Men’s Journal feature… on him! Writer Paul Kvintna did a great job of capturing Oliver’s personality. Having fished and traveled with him, covered him and his projects, and so forth over the years, I have always been struck by his humility. Sure, Oliver garners a lot of “celeb” attention in our little fly-fishing world. But he has always been very respectful of (and earned respect from) many in the older generation who “pioneered” before he did, as well as the admiration of the younger crowd.

This story is also great for fly fishing. It talks about an ideal that all of us can embrace even more–about the sport saving natural resources and cultures. And that’s ultimately what’s going to move this sport beyond the “stuffy old man” stereotype more effectively than anything. So congrats to the many companies, and people who played key roles in developing this story and this ideal…

You can read it here.


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