AT Survey: Your Sales Rep Relationship


Which best describes the way you'd categorize your current business relationship with the manufacturers' sales representatives who work with you and your shop?

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Reps and the companies they work for won’t have any way to know how you responded.


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  1. Your question and responses seem to be similar to my experience with reps. Although I do not have a retail store at the present I had several the last 45 years. My reps that were sharp enough to guide me to the hottest products to order became friends and made money from my large orders. Other reps struggled to get back to you at a timely manner before their better goods were sold out of certain sizes or styles. They were also the same ones that didn’t invest in a trade show booth when a show came to my area. It doesn’t take long to recognize the good ones. And always hoped they treated me with respect when I placed a $2500 order and the same way when the next order might be $20,000. It’s not an easy job and with lodging and gas bills reps have to work hard.
    My only negative comment is when a long time rep who has the best lines gets cocky and lazy, and a hard working rep with lesser companies gets a small piece of the pie. And the same idea goes for the big companies that treat you like a number. I always looked for lines that were different, creative and maybe the next must have product. And they really want your business with decent pricing and rarely huge opening orders.

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