10th Annual Fly Fishing Film Tour Set to Roll Out


From F3T:

In 2007 The Fly Fishing Film Tour embarked on its first lap around the U.S. It started with a few fishin’ flicks, a lot of beer, and a handful of shows in fly shops and dive bars. It’s grown a little since then and there’s a few more stops on the schedule, but the reason for this traveling circus remains the same… to gather with good friends, share a beverage or two, enjoy the best fly fishing films on the planet and dream about the casts we have yet to make.

Time has flown like a barracuda on a bait ball since that first tour. Suddenly its 2016 and we’re ready to hit the road for the 10th time!  We’re almost packed, the schedule is live, the tickets are at your local fly shop and the films… the films are the best we’ve ever had the pleasure of toting ‘cross country.

From Golden Dorado in Bolivia to GT’s in the Seychelles, Steelhead in British Columbia to Monster Brook Trout in Patagonia, Saskatchewan’s savage Pike to Marlin off the coast of Virginia, the fish, the characters and the stories in these films will lead you on an adventure around the globe.

The truck is warmed up and the beer is cold… the time has come to kick off the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour!


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