Monic Fly Lines Issues New Logo, “Hex” Packaging, and All-Weather Product Line



From Monic Fly Lines:

Flow Tek, Inc. of Boulder, manufacturers of Monic Fly Lines since 1995, is re-entering the fly line market with a completely redesigned logo, look, packaging, and product line. Monic first entered the market in 1995 with the first clear, floating fly line. All of Monic’s fly lines have historically been 100% PVC-free and they remain so. As an industry-first, the complete product line offers fly lines that work for both tropical and cold-weather environments in the same fly line.

The new logo and packaging have been designed to break away from the standard wrapper that accompanies 90 percent of competitor’s lines on the shelf or rack. The hexagonal box pays homage to Monic’s Chemical Engineering background resembling the classic “Benzene Ring” in organic chemistry. “Monic’s founder, Bob Goodale, and his career in Chemical Engineering is what brought so much, if not all, of Monic’s revolutionary ideas to fly lines. From his patent in 1994 with the first clear, floating line, to the recent patent on the first 100 percent recyclable polyester fly line [Impact fly line], Monic has always thought on a level above others and continues to solve major problems in fly line so anglers can spend more time catching more fish,” states Steve Tatarchuk, Monic Business and Product Manager.

“When we designed the logo, we wanted people to recognize Monic, but know that something has changed, which it has!” states Tatarchuk. “We use colors from the Colorado State Flag and everything inside and out is made within a 50 mile radius of our production facilities in Boulder, Colorado.”

One of the most significant changes in the product line is in the new polymers that make up the fly line coatings. All lines have been engineered so that they work equally well in both icy-cold and tropical water conditions. Monic narrowed down the breadth of the product line to 5 major families: Impact; All Weather Covert Clear; GSP Skyline; Micro Double Taper; and the GSP Floating Shooting Line. Tapers have been designed so that anglers no longer need separate lines specific to different target species. The universal tapers combined with the all-weather coatings allow anglers to significantly simplify their gear and have a line that always performs beautifully.

Monic Fly Lines are fully manufactured in the USA with facilities located at the foot of the Flatirons in Boulder, CO. The goal of the business is to create the best fly lines on the market, and give back to fly fishing as much as it gives to its anglers. All Monic fly lines have always been 100 percent PVC-free and are an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl or polyurethane.

For more information and dealership inquiries, contact Monic Fly Lines at 303-530-3050 or send an email to [email protected].


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