Confluence Films Announces Production of New Film, PROVIDENCE


From Confluence Films:

Confluence Films, in production of their fifth feature-length film, PROVIDENCE, announced today that the world premiere date for
their new fly fishing film will be Saturday, April 16, 2016. Following the success of the 2013 premiere of WAYPOINTS, this premiere will take place in dozens of different locations and different cities at the same time on the same date.

Rather than setting up multiple-date screenings in different cities, Confluence plans for PROVIDENCE to have a single, synchronized world premiere night that takes place exclusively on April 16. With a goal of setting up more than 50 simultaneous screening events, Confluence is inviting conservation groups, fly shops, clubs and other fly fishing entities to organize and host a premiere event, allowing people all across the country and throughout the world the opportunity to be “the very first” to view the new Confluence movie. This synchronized premiere concept also enables Confluence to promote these collective events as “The Biggest Single Night of Fly Fishing Film in the World!”

Starting with the release of DRIFT in 2008, RISE in 2009, CONNECT in 2011, and

WAYPOINTS in 2013, Confluence Films has always offered early screenings of their
films to entities and organizations that were willing to screen the films in the right
venues in a professional, high-quality manner. The main requirement for hosting a
screening has always been that a large portion of the proceeds must go back to a local
or regional fisheries-based conservation entity or project. Through this program,
Confluence has already helped raise more than $300,000.00 for conservation and
grass-roots fisheries programs with their first four films over the past five years. Entities
interested in organizing and hosting a PROVIDENCE screening event for April 16, 2016
should contact Confluence Films right away to lock in the location and event details.
Filming for the new PROVIDENCE project took place this fall with the FlyCastaway crew
on Providence Atoll in the Seychelles. Confluence’s Jim Klug, Chris Patterson and Colin
Witherill, Yellow Dog’s Camille Egdorf, and FlyCastaway’s Gerhard Laubscher and Tim
Babich joined forces to film the new movie. This was FlyCastaway’s first trip back to the
atoll since the waters were closed to all fishermen and boat access more than six years
ago due to the threats and activities of pirates operating out of Somalia. The team
chased species including GT’s, bluefin trevally, bumphead parrotfish, bonefish, Indo-
Pacific permit, tigerfish, milkfish and much more.

Title sponsors of “Waypoints” include Simms Fishing Products, Costa Del Mar, Hatch
Reels, Yeti Coolers and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.


1. Send Confluence Films an email with confirmation that you want to host the event,
as well as information on your group, club or shop, your planned location and
planned show details. You will also need to provide the name of the fisheries-based
conservation group or project that will be the beneficiary of the premiere event.

2. Confluence will send you a contract form to complete and return. This will confirm
that you are “officially” locked in as the entity in your region that will screen
PROVIDENCE for the first time. The screening event must be held in a legitimate
theater setting with quality sound and projection.

3. As with the WAYPOINTS screening events in 2013, Confluence will be using the
services of and to produce all event
posters, mailing postcards, tickets, etc. This is an entity that will assist event
organizers with selling tickets on line in a well- organized and cost-effective manner.
Utilizing this service IS A REQUIREMENT for all screenings of PROVIDENCE, and
will include all posters, event PR materials, and on-line ticketing services. (The cost
of this inexpensive service will be covered in the event cost by the promoting club or

4. Finally, the basic screening fee to reserve an event date will be $300.00 per event.
This helps Confluence cover the costs of the screening Blue-Rays and DVDs, all
shipping, etc. Confluence will also include a set of the previous three Confluence
titles that can be used for an event drawing, door prize, etc. Event organizers will
also be able to purchase Confluence DVDs to sell at the screening event – including
the new film, which will be available. DVD sales should help to off-set the $300.00
screening fee.

Clubs, conservation entities, fly shops and other groups interested in hosting a
screening event on April 16, 2016 should email Jim Klug at Confluence Films at
[email protected].

Confluence Films
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: (406) 585-8667
Fax: (406) 585-8657


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