The outdoor industry releases climate change policy strategy, cites action on issue


From OIA:

Climate change is one of the most significant threats the outdoor industry is facing. Today, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has issued a statement calling on policymakers and the outdoor industry to take concrete steps to address it.

With today’s statement, the OIA Board of Directors and OIA staff will re-engage on this important issue. Through our work in Washington, D.C., Boulder, Colorado, and cities and states across the country, we will seek to collaborate with and support companies and organizations that have been fighting for thoughtful, meaningful solutions on one of the greatest challenges we face.

“Our natural world, the environment itself, is the fundamental infrastructure of the outdoor industry,” said OIA’s Executive Director Amy Roberts. “Many outdoor brands, rooted in values of environmental responsibility, have led the fight against the negative effects of climate change, and we hope to lend them our support and build on their successes.”

OIA’s statement calls on our nation’s leaders to enact policies that reflect the reality of climate change and that seek to stem it. More specifically, it asks for the following:
An adaptation strategy that protects our air, land and water and accounts for the recreational use and conservation of these places.

Carbon sequestration through protection of and investment in open space and natural greenways throughout the nation.

Consideration of climate change mitigation in all land and water use policy.
Market-based instruments that incentivize and reward adoption of carbon reduction strategies and tools.

The statement also encourages the outdoor industry to develop and adopt industry best practices and tools, such as the Higg Index, to mitigate supply chain climate impacts and accelerate the integration of alternatives to coal-based energy. It also calls on vendors, service providers and production facilities, both foreign and domestic, to incorporate industry best practices into their operations.

We look forward to partnering with companies in the outdoor industry and with leading organizations that have already done great work to address the harmful effects of climate change. We hope you will join us in this fight to ensure the future growth and success of the outdoor industry—so that every American has the opportunity to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle through outdoor recreation.

You can view our full climate statement HERE.

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