UNI Products ads Rusty Orange Color to the Uni-Stretch Line



From UNI-Products,

Uni-Products, a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials, announces the addition of rusty orange to their very popular UNI-Stretch line. Rusty Orange adds to the versatility of the existing lineup:  Aqua Blue, Beige, Black, Bright Yellow, Brown, Camel, Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Fuchsia, Green Highlander,  Green, Hot Pink. Light Gray, Light Olive, Olive, Orange, Pumpkin Orange, Purple, Red, Shrimp Pink, Soft Pink, White, Wine and Yellow. Tiers now have twenty-five colors at their disposal for creating attractive bodies and tags. Tiers can also take advantage of our popular 20-spool UNI-Stretch combo pack.


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