Innovative New Product Solves Age-Old Problem for Fly Fishers



From Rig & Run:

Finally, a practical and inexpensive solution to the problem of what to do with your fly rod while rigging up or while making quick runs to the next fishing location.

Every fly fisher knows the hassles and hazards of setting the butt end of a fly rod on the ground where expensive reels and fly lines may be damaged by gravel, stepped on, or blown to the ground – and who hasn’t had a dog tangled in a fly line?

The Rig & Run Rod Holder attaches to any vehicle by rolling it up in a window or closing it in the top of a door. With a fly rod held in a horizontal position, it allows the angler to string the rod, attach leaders and tippets, and tie on a fly without the rod or the fly line ever touching the ground

In addition, the Rig & Run eliminates the hassle of breaking down a fly rod to fit inside cars, pickups, and small SUVs. The included Magnetic Rod Strap incorporates two super magnets to secure the rod tip while moving to the next fishing spot. The handy strap also holds a rigged rod vertically to the side of a vehicle.

Constructed using 1000 denier Cordura™, commercial-grade hook and loop fasteners, and closed-cell foam padding, the entire product is Made in America and built to last.

“The Rig & Run is gaining recognition as the handiest and most practical thing to come along in years. Fly shop owners say it is the ideal gift for any fly fisher.” Dennis McKinney

Rig & Run is a product of Sweet Canoe Stuff LLC, creators of the popular Sweet one-person loader and rack system for canoes, kayaks, and SUPs.


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