The American Fly Fishing Trade Association policy makes statement on global climate change




As a trade association representing an industry dependent of clean water, clean air and access to healthy natural venues, we are alarmed by the lack of action taken to address this clear and pressing danger to the future of our businesses and our world.

AFFTA agrees with NASA, NOAA, the National Academy of Sciences and many other major scientific organizations around the world that human activity is warming the planet with CO2 emissions and putting our future at risk.

Climate change is no longer a potential threat; It demands our attention now. We applaud our members who have taken pro-active steps to address this challenge in their businesses and encourage others to look for opportunities to do likewise.

We call on our elected officials to put partisan politics aside and work quickly to enact federal policy to address the threats presented by global climate change.


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  1. Bill Works on

    Yes, and we were all supposed to be underwater by 2015. Please focus on more pressing issues.

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