TU Releases Comprehensive “State of the Trout” Report


sOT_WEB“The State of the Trout” is something every fly shop owner, outfitter, guide, or concerned angler should read. Front to back. It’s not all good news. But it’s not a tale of woe, either. Here’s the link: http://www.tu.org/stateofthetrout

Considering that far more than half of all sales, industry-wide, revolve around trout fishing, there is sound business motivation to understand what’s really going on.

The skinny: Native trout species are the proverbial “canary-in-the-coal-mine” when it comes to assessing the health and viability of cold, clean water in America. Every major native trout species in North America faces at least one significant threat. There are ways to work past these threats and ensure the viability of fly fishing in the future, all of which are clearly outlined in this report (which was compiled by some of the leading trout scientists in the world). As part of the report, TU makes very clear the threats posed by climate change, which is an important benchmark for the organization, and the industry as a whole.

Read it, understand it, and be prepared to discuss… and act.


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