Hillsound Equipment’s FreeSteps6 – The lightweight easy on/easy off over the boot river crampons



From Hillsound:

Hillsound Equipment’s FreeSteps6 are lightweight easy on/easy off over the boot river crampons that offer secure footing on steep muddy banks and slick rocks in still or moving water. The FreeSteps6 are easy to pull on or off, so you don’t have to worry about scratching the bottom of you boat. Also, anglers don’t have to worry about transferring invasive species that felt-bottomed boots are known to do. No longer are anglers subject to expensive, heavy, and inconvenient traction options. At $39.99, the FreeSteps6 is what every angler needs in their fishing quiver!

Product Details:

Independent Stud System
Provides added safely and traction on slimy river beds, steep banks, muddy slopes and icy terrain.

The minimalist 1/4 inch spikes are lightweight, fully optimized stainless steel.
FreeSteps6 traction gives the confidence of movement you need to fish rivers you have never attempted before.

Weight is dispersed effectively over the 21 spikes to give improved resistance again wear and tear.

Welded Chains
Withstand repeated foot strikes and abuse on river beds.
Redesigned Thermo-Plastic Harness
Providing tear resistance and maintains pliability to sub-freezing temperatures.
Easy to get on a off when you’re getting in and out of a boat.


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