New UNI-French Oval Tinsel in Red


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.17.49 PMFrom Uni Products:

UNI-Products, a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials, announces the addition of UNI-French Oval Tinsel – Medium in red to the fly-tying world’s most extensive line of tinsels. Be it flat, oval, embossed, micro, twist or other specialty tinsel products, UNI has it. The most popular UNI-French Oval colors, silver and gold, are available in four buy xanax no prescription needed sizes: large, medium, small, and extra small. Copper is available in three sizes, pewter in large only, and now red in medium. A Combo Pack of 20 spools offers tiers a mix of oval, embossed, and wire.

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