It’s All About the Big W



Angling Trade recently polled 10 fly shop businesses that saw positive business increases in the past year.  What is the number-one factor they attribute success to?

Better marketing?  Better management?  No, it’s much simpler than that.

It’s about water.  In good water years, people fish more.  When they fish more, they buy more.

“We almost had too much of a good thing in that high water through June really slowed us down, but we made up for that in July and are still going strong now,” said one Wyoming retailer.

The point being, while you cannot ultimately control what falls from the sky, you can influence how water is managed.  Be sure to tune into the LinkedIn group for retailers at to keep apprised of happenings in that regard and to learn more.


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  1. Ron McNeal on

    Interesting correlation. Wouldn’t have guessed it, but makes all the sense in the world…..

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