New Mylar Colors from UNI


Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 12.54.59 PMFrom UNI-Products:

UNI-Products announces the addition of two fresh colors to their very popular UNI-Mylar line. One new color—Holographic Rainbow —is available in three widths: #10 (1/16″), #12 (3/64″), and #14 (1/32″). The Other is Clear size #14 (1/32″). The Holographic Rainbow and Clear add to the versatility of the existing lineup: Gold/Silver, Red/Green, Copper/Blue, Peacock/Orange, Pearl and the Holographic colors, Red, Black, Silver, Light Blue, Orange and Chartreuse.

Tiers now have seventeen colors at their disposal for creating attractive bodies and ribs, adding flash to wings, throats and tails, producing tough and attractive wingcases, or serving as a base for spun bodies, to name just a few uses. Our 20-spool combos are very popular, so we added two more for UNI-Mylar lovers. The Holographic combo includes spools of all the holographic colors and sizes except #14 Holographic Red. The other, spools of the remaining colors and sizes except #16 Pearl.

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