Wetfly Launches New, Customer-Focused Website



From Wetfly:

Since 1999, Wetfly has been servicing accounts of all sizes throughout the US and Canada with premium fishing flies. As the business grew, Wetfly began delivering additional hard goods and soft goods aimed at the fly fishing market – focusing on the highest possible quality at the lowest available cost– Value. With several new products being released throughout every year, Wetfly continues to flourish and uphold its mission: To make fly fishing easy and affordable to anyone who aspires to experience it.

The launch of the new website is dedicated to educating consumers about the products that Wetfly designs and develops. From their fully ready-to-fish combo kits and Back Country Tenkara Series to the new Nitrogen1 reels and fly lines, the goal is to show consumers that the highest quality doesn’t need to come with a high price.

Over the coming months, expect to see Wetfly in the front of the stage as they focus on existing and new dealer support, new product releases, and sponsorships aimed at protecting the sport of fly fishing.

Throughout the launch of the new website, Wetfly is setting up several Special Offers with discounts on gear and contests for free product through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the site itself.



  1. mark livsey on

    i am looking to purchase a Nitrogen1 5 wt reel and can find no product review. Are they that new? Know anything about the product? Thank you. Mark Livsey

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, the Nitrogen1 fly reels are certainly a new product for us as they just launched last month. This is a machined aluminum 6061-T6 fly reel.

      We designed this reel to be fully capable for all types of freshwater fishing and balance rods perfectly. The Nitrogen1 reels feature a large arbor that borders on “mid” to allow enough backing to properly weight a variety of rods. The blue accents match up with our Nitrogen1 series of fly lines. I’ve tested and used this reel significantly and have been extremely pleased with its performance and value. Retrieve direction is easily changed and all of our reels come with a Lifetime Warranty. Sorry that there are no reviews yet…that I know of. This reel has just hit the market.

      Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing your thoughts if you do choose to purchase.


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