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As we said before, we think this past IFTD show was a good one.  Speaking strictly from the Angling Trade perspective, we think we got work accomplished at this past event in Orlando.  And we think the general momentum felt good.  Once people realize that the show serves a different purpose now than it did, say, 20 years ago, they seem to embrace it.  But it’s on you to find out exactly what that purpose is…

But enough of our opinions.  We want to hear yours, the ones that matter.  Those of you who went to IFTD, please tell us what you thought by choosing the answer that most closely matches how you feel, and feel free to add to the comment thread.

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  1. As a manufacturer who has attended and supported the IFTD Show for the last 12 years, I feel the Show still adds value for those who attend and have a game plan for what they want to accomplish. Although I would have preferred joining up with Outdoor Retailer, joining the ICAST Show has been positive (probably more so as a manufacturer than retailer). I think there are a lot of ways the show could be improved. For manufacturers, the solution is straight forward; get more retailers to the show. For retailers, the solution is straight forward; add more value.
    Currently, many retailers are not seeing the value, only the expense (both in monetary terms and in time). In my opinion, this is the single most important problem to solve, and I think there are solutions to this problem.

  2. I have been a proud member of the Fly Fishing Industry since 1999, and have attended almost every FFR/IFTD show since. After purchasing my store in 2005, I have not missed an IFTD show, despite it’s move away from Denver where I was the closest fly shop in the country/world. As the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for AFFTA, I can say without a shred of doubt that I would not be where I am within the industry, nor would my shop be as successful as it is today, without this show. The value that my attendance to the show has added to my business and personal career is immense, and I am often able to cover the costs of the show and then some through planning and execution during the show. Retailers who don’t attend are missing an amazing opportunity to move their business forward, they just don’t realize because they refuse to go to the show and see what it is all about. The excuses are endless, and I am personally over debating the time and/or location of the show. The truth is that the top manufacturers, fly shops, media and reps are all at the show each and every year. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  3. Truly a great show this year–enjoyed catching up with colleagues from around the country, and we got a lot of work done at the event. I am encouraged at the direction the industry appears to be heading, and I think IFTD was a big part of that. Congrats to AFFTA’s Ben Bulis for pulling off a fine show, and working through all the intricacies that come with making such a great event happen. Really looking forward to next year.

  4. It was great to see the show bieng hosted in Orlando this year. I have been fortunate enough to have atteneded every IFTD show since 1993. The show offers me the ability to personally connect with others in the industry and that has proven vital to the sucess in my business and to my personal love for fly fishing. I can’t wait every year for the IFTD show!

  5. Having attended every show since the beginning of time ( Hershey) we always find it helps us in any number ways. Benefits are not just about the customers we see. The contacts and smhoozing alone are very useful. The FUN helps.
    As a manufacturer we get to discuss options and ideas with other manufacturers. We see both press, oversees clients /vendors and even guides. The broad nature of all we discuss and hear clearly helps us down the road in where we need to go as a company. No doubt we need to see a lot more dealers. How we get there is open to discussion. The ones we do see always seem to walk away happy and more in tune with our products. That says a lot. I always hear from reps and dealers that the show is at the wrong place, or time or whatever…but the truth is we need a strong industry show for lots of reasons. Many dealers told me they can see every thing when their reps comes around. Wrong!!! To see the 150+ manufactures in 72 hours, hone in on killer new products and lines and GET TO KNOW THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE PRODUCTS is invaluable. And the expense can be mitigagated if your smart. ( we rented a $19.95 U-Haul van rather than a $43 dent-a-car)
    I guess the bottom line for Spirit River is the show is a very good marketing tool and we will continue to support it. Hats off to Ben and his excellent staff for a show well done.

  6. It sounds like it was a good show for the southeast. For the northern rockies territory– not a good show. We had 6 dealers. Very expensive, very ineffective for our territory (ID, MT, WY). For us, it was only useful for a few sales meetings and to say hello to fellow reps. Phone/Skype meetings would have been better.

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