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Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.12.03 PMTrout magazine now has the largest subscriber base, and the largest readership of any magazine in fly fishing. We’ve grown exponentially, both in terms of ad revenue and printed pages, in the past year.  Our next issue (Fall 2014) promises to be a haymaker, because:

We’ll have an exclusive feature interview with Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator, on the heels of the recent EPA decision to enforce the Clean Water Act to protect Bristol Bay.  Bristol Bay is the defining environmental topic in fly fishing at this time, and no other publication has the access and insight to make an interview like this happen.

We’re running the definitive piece on the “State of the Greenback Trout,” written by Erin Block, one of the best young writers in the field.  This story is part history, part science, part fisheries management, and we’re coming at it with credibility and insight that no other publication can bring.

We’ll be featuring a beautiful photo essay commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, and highlighting places that now offer better trout fishing because of the Wilderness Act. This is a geographically balanced story, covering trout resources from coast to coast.

For the first time, Trout magazine will be featuring comprehensive new product reviews… compiled by a team of everyday anglers representing all walks of life… male, female, pro, amateur… it’s a unique approach that will highlight gear in a way that’s “for anglers, any by anglers.”

Of course, we’ll also be featuring columns and commentary from the best writers in the business–Christopher Camuto, Dave Whitlock, Tom Reed, Chris Santella, and Paul Bruun among them.

When all is said and done, no publication has the profound reach within the most motivated demographic in fly fishing that Trout magazine does.   Nobody offers a better CPM value than Trout magazine does.  And nobody else can say that the money invested in advertising in Trout also goes toward protecting resources and making fishing better.  Trout magazine is the “conscience” of fly fishing in America, and smart companies realize the importance and value of supporting this forum.

TROUT reaches the largest print readership in fly

• TROUT is the national publication of Trout
Unlimited (155,000 members).

• CPM value is better than any other magazine in
fly fishing.

• Our readers are the most dedicated, committed
trout anglers.

If you are interested in advertising in the Fall 2014 issue of TROUT please contact Tim Romano or call 303.495.3967 to reserve space or answer any questions. We do close the magazine for Ad Space next Friday August 1st. Ad artwork would be due August 15th.

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