Puncture Resistant Insoles by Steel-Flex


steelflex.comSteel-Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles are an exciting new product offering both comfort and puncture resistance with a fully encapsulated, flexible Steel-Flex steel midsole.  When you think of how they can be applied to wading boots, it’s a natural fit for some anglers.

A quick summary of the Steel-Flex Puncture Resistant Insoles benefits

-They’re designed to fit into most types of work boots and shoes.

-An insole consists of a heel cup and longitudinal arch support for improved foot stability.

-They transform low-cost boots and shoes into comfortable, puncture resistant footwear for a fraction of the cost associated with high-end work boots

-They offer increased shock absorption

-They help align the skeletal structure to reduce foot, leg and lower back fatigue.

These things cost @ $30, and that may be an option worth offering customers who tend to fish where they can step on nasty things, those who might want to revitalize the fit and feel of some old wading boots, or those who want to make less expensive boots feel and wear better and safer.


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