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7-14_dolly_vardenPop Quiz: The name for the fish Dolly Varden is owed (at least in part) to a literary character in a work by: A. Jack London, B. Izaak Walton, C. John-Boy Walton, D. Geoff Mueller, or E. Charles Dickens.  Okay, the answer is E (the book is Barnaby Rudge, and I’m glad we aren’t calling the fish “Barnaby Rudges”).

But we’re going to start thinking of Dolly Varden in the context of great fishing apparel, because the husband-wife co-founders Daniel and Joanne Berezan are onto some very smart designs with good fabrics.  They are literally launching August 1, and what we have seen thus far reflects a genuine involvement in fly fishing.  That said, it’s not so “gear-ish” that you wouldn’t want to wear it about town (granted, some people go for “fly-guy” look).  We see these as items you’d wear for their looks, and be pleasantly surprised by their performance on the water by way of U/V protection, sweat and odor resistance, coolness… rather than stuff you’d gladly fish in, and happen to wear to the movie theater and dinner, because you spent all your money on fishing clothing because you like to fish so much.  This collection blends designer styles with technical performance.

At first sight, I also think they’ve really landed on some great women’s-specific designs and products, but I’m a middle-aged man, and who am I to say?  I would buy this for Mrs. D’s birthday, and I think I’d be on target… but then again I thought steak knives and a Bissell steam cleaner were good ideas in years past.

One thing that is undeniable a plus: everything is cut and sewn in the USA.  Do check this out.


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