ARC Fishing Fly Lines, Tippets and Leaders


ARC is one of those catchy acronym names we like… it implies a well-bent fly rod, of course, but in this case, it really stands for Angling Research Co. And after checking out the new array of lines, leaders and tippets that co-founders Dayne Glass and Travis Thompson are bringing to market, it’s pretty apparent that the “R” for research is the real deal.

We like the lines because they include PTFE and Nano technology, which makes them slick and buoyant. We really like the tapers, as well as the fact that the stiffness and flexibility of the lines tend to be in the right places along those tapers. And we really, really like that PTFE Nano is permanently incorporated into the lines, which are less prone to wear, and are, for all intents and purposes, self lubricating. There’s a full range of salt and fresh lines, from all purpose, to half-weight added to load faster rods, to dry-fly presentation tapers.

What’s going to grab a lot of attention, however, are the ARC Flouro Coat tippets.

ARC Fluorocoat is a fluorocarbon coated nylon tippet. Why? Because it pairs the strength and suppleness of nylon with the durability and low visibility of fluorocarbon in a single line. Thanks to its high-grade fluorocarbon coating, ARC Fluorocoat maintains almost 100% of its strength in water, unlike conventional nylon tippet which can weaken by 15% when wet. Superior knot strength, outstanding abrasion resistance, and a super smooth finish are other key benefits. MSRP is $6.95


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