Umpqua Tailgater Organizer


I have a little fishing raft, but 95 percent of the fishing I do is of the walk-wade variety. I drive. I park. I fish. I drive home. Boat bags are fine, but what I really need is a bin for my car trunk to put wet waders in, so my vehicle doesn’t smell like a wet gun dog.

My friend Brian Schmidt of Umpqua—one of the best product and fly innovators around—has amped that whole system up with a very simple, surprisingly affordable option called the Tailgater Organizer. You can wrap this product onto any plastic utility tub, and transform that tub into something that not only holds wet waders, but also fly boxes, various tools, tippet, floatant, etc. Think of it as the staging station for the “land captain.” It’s durable, functional, and it only costs $80 retail. These should sell in a big way.


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  1. Gregory Walck on

    Great grab and go idea . I know we have all forgotten something at one time or another heading out the door. Any straps on the lid to secure your net?

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