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The show is bigger. It is better. It’s all business. And it’s already proven to be a great value, from my personal perspective. Do I think, “If you aren’t here, you’re missing out on something?” Well, yeah, actually, I do. More so than I have at IFTD in several years. And I’d tell you otherwise if I felt that way. Check the record, and you’ll see that I’ve never been candor-challenged with it comes to talking about trade shows. I give Ben Bulis and AFFTA high marks for IFTD 2014.

I don’t fault anybody for staying home and minding the store. I don’t argue with anyone who has grown skeptical of the value of trade shows in the first place. And I sure as heck have not been enamored with Orlando in July (though it has been good to get a truly “eastern” infusion in the fly show for the first time in years) because it’s hot, rainy, and generally gross outside.

But the show is kicked up, and for those of you thinking about coming back eventually, I’d give it some serious thought. That’s all I’m going to say on that topic for now.

Let’s get back into the product stuff…


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  1. So, say I’m new to Fly Fishing, and a friend turns me on to AT so I can see some of the latest products that are coming out. With the 4 represented on the first page and their values added up, I have a jacket, a reel, a fly box and a bucket thingy…and have already spent over $1000
    No rod, No line, No flys, No waders, No vest, No… the list goes on.
    I go to the fly box guys web page, (because that’s probably the only thing I can afford)…it has a store, but I can’t buy a box there, only T’s and hats and “buffs”….to get a box, I have to drive into town…and that’s only after the kickstarter thing is covered. But why would you have an on-line store, yet not have your product represented in said store???
    So now I’m frustrated, confused….and broke. And I still can’t fly fish.
    Look, I get the “upscale” FF thing…see it all to often. But you, “the retailer” or “the manufacturer” continue to price out Joe Public. Last time I was in my local shop, I laughed at the prices. There is NO WAY that I would pay them. I know others that feel the same way.
    This is such a great sport, yet year after year I see it squeezed for more $$$.

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