Tidal Roots® Launches Brand, Building Hand Made Fishing SUPs, Nets, and Accessories


Tidal-Roots-FRC-PostFrom Tidal Roots:

Tidal Roots, like many other brands, was born out of necessity.  The need was a platform to approach weary fish in shallow water and the solution for Tidal Roots founders Kent and Kyle was hand made wooden Stand Up Paddleboards.  “There is nothing like sight fishing and casting from a Tidal Roots board.  I’ve retired my kayak and now prowl the salt water flats, ponds and wooded lakes of New England with fly rod in hand exclusively on my Tidal Roots stand up paddleboard” Kyle said.

As paddleboarding grows and proves to the world that it is here to stay, Tidal Roots storms onto the scene thinking differently.  Tidal Roots was born for the consumer that wants to #ConnectToTheOutdoors in a deeper way.  Co-Owner, Kent Scovill explains “Our products have a soul that is alive like yours and mine, we execute 100% of our manufacturing process in the great State of Maine, and build every board out of carefully selected wood.  We embrace reclaimed bard boards in our processes that are salvaged from structures around New England.  Reclaiming and re-purposing these materials for our Tidal Roots boards gives our product a soul, and tells a deep story spanned over hundreds of years.”  Hand crafting wooden SUPs in southern Maine sets Tidal Roots apart from their competitors products which are primarily manufactured overseas out of EPS foam which is essentially a non-renewable plastic.

On May 24th, Tidal Roots launched with their debut line of products that beckon you to connect to the outdoors.  Within that line consumers will enjoy 3 user friendly models of stand up paddleboards in 3 lengths, 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft.  These boards invite users of all ages, and skill levels to get out on the water this summer on a stable platform and explore their local waters.  The innovative brand also offers one-of-a-kind custom SUPs that are created out of the Tidal Roots Custom Shop in Southern Maine.  “If you can dream it, we can build it” co-owner Kyle Schaefer said confidently.  He went on to say, “We are proud to offer our customers the option to dream up their perfect SUP and have it delivered right to their front door”.  In addition to SUPs, Tidal Roots offers a line logo wear that is made in the USA out of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles plus other accessories designed by local artists that support our love for the water.  Consumers can expect Tidal Roots to continue to innovate in the outdoor industry creating functional products that are built in the USA with green practices and renewable resources being utilized.

Join the movement… #ConnectToTheOutdoors with Tidal Root’s #ProductsWithASoul.

Our Promise

Creating products that Tidal Roots customers can believe in, we source all of our materials as locally as possible and commit to building stand up paddle boards and other outdoors products with only the highest standard of “Made in America” craftsmanship.  Collaborating with local artists and our community, Tidal Roots helps you connect to the outdoors.

Contact – Kyle Schaefer – Tidal Roots, Maine, USA. [email protected]


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