The best bang for your marketing buck…still email



Email continues to provide the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales. A new report by Econsultancy/Adestra continues to back up the claims that an effective email campaign can be a highly cost-effective way to market your products.

Email Drives Sales and has a robust ROI

I have touted the benefits of a well run email campaign for many years. One of my favorite stats is email averages a ROI of $43 for every dollar you spend. No other online marketing comes close.

The Average ROI for an email campaign is 4,300%

This new report provides additional support to the idea that email marketing should be central to any marketing campaign. According to the report respondents noted 23 percent of the their total sales came from email efforts. That is a pretty amazing number.

Email lists continue to grow

One of the biggest arguments I hear when pushing an email campaign is “I hate spam email. The last thing I want to do is spam my customers”. Avoiding spammy emails should be at the forefront of your mind when crafting an email campaign, but the truth of the matter is customers continue to subscribe to mailing lists. Nearly two-thirds of companies running email campaigns saw their list increase during the past year. Customers want to hear what you have to say.

Control your destiny

The most compelling argument for continuing to push your email signup is you control the list. An email list is not subject to the whims of a large company like your facebook page, or changes to an algorithm like your Google ranking.

A well maintained email list that consistently pushes out quality content can and will improve your bottom line.


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  1. Good article, Nick. We’re seeing the same success with email and consider it a top promotional channel. While social media seems like the greatest option because it’s regularly featured in the media, it can take more resources to manage and conversion rates often lag behind that of traditional email.

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