Cortland Launches New Website



From Cortland Line Conpany:

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website at A primary focus was to make it visitor-friendly. As such, the site provides quick, easy navigation through its broad range of quality products. With just a couple clicks, one can view a vast array of braided fly lines, backing, leaders, tippet, nets and other accessories. For the sport fisherman, braided and monofilament lines, stainless steel and lead core lines, Dacron and Spectra-based superbraids for bow fishing – and its environmentally friendly Sinking Duck Decoy Cord and a host of other outdoor products for hunters.

The new site, just like the new logo, was necessitated by the company’s strategy to reposition itself as a global fishing line brand. Thus, it features more of a balance between fly and sport fishing, as well as content including technical specs, blog site, brag board, conservation news, and background on the company and its management team. Learn for yourself what the new Cortland has to offer, and imagine what innovative products we will create in the next 100 years.

2015 marks Cortland’s 100th year of helping anglers “feel the pull.” New designs and proprietary coating processes have made Cortland a leader in the fishing industry over the past century. During WWII, Cortland’s expertise in braiding was directed toward the war effort, manufacturing both parachute and bomb cord. Soldiers trusted their lives to Cortland products. After the war Cortland once again focused on fishing, utilizing the latest advancements in coatings and manufacturing to produce the finest lines on the market.

For nearly 100 years Cortland Line Company has been using silk, then plastic, and now premium polymers and proprietary additives to make the world’s most innovative fly line, braided fishing line, monofilament, paracord and sportsmans rope.


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