Southwick Media Monitor Now Available To Help Guide Marketing & Advertising Investments


From Southwick Associates:

How significant is social media when it comes to reaching outdoorsmen and women with product information? Which sites should be reviewed – which sites should be ignored? What are the top 15 magazines and television series that outdoorsmen and women like to read and watch? The results may surprise you. These data and others are now available through Southwick Associates’ Media Monitor – available for both hunt-shoot and angling markets.

The Southwick Media Monitor provides information, real data, which will enable you to make better and easier decisions when it comes to your marketing investment. The report details information on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube along with percentages of types of products consumed. Media trends ? Yes, the report shows sportsmen preferences, what to ignore and what to engage in. Looking for the best ways to reach deer hunters and bass anglers with your brand and media message? The Media Monitor identifies how to best reach these consumer groups and shows the cross-over between groups.

“The Media Monitor provides the most sound guidance on where to invest outdoor media dollars. It’s an ideal report for brand managers and advertising agencies. It is a fundamental tool that anyone in brand management who invests in media properties should have in their arsenal,” says Rob Southwick president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the Hunt-Shoot and the Angler’s Media Monitor. Samples of both can be found on the Southwick Associates webpage.

For more information, samples or pricing details on the Hunting and Shooting Participation and Market Trends Annual 2013 and Angler Trends Annual 2013 reports, contact John DePalma at [email protected] or 302-552-8454.

About, and Launched in 2006,, and help the outdoor industry, fisheries and wildlife officials and sportsmen’s organizations track consumer activities and expenditure trends. Conducted by Southwick Associates, survey results are scientifically analyzed to reflect the attitudes and habits of anglers and hunters across the United States. Follow them on Facebook at and or on Twitter at!/AnglerSurvey and!/HunterSurvey.


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