New Fishing-Specific ChromaPop Lens Tints from Smith Optics


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.34.59 AMFrom Smith Optics:

Smith Optics is pleased to announce the launch of its new ChromaPop Polar Blue Mirror and ChromaPop Polar Bronze Mirror lens tints to their collection of scientifically advanced polarized lenses. Specifically designed for the avid fisherman, the new lens tints provide 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays with film-free polarization with unmatched visual clarity.

The ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror lens creates a color enhanced visual experience like no other mirror lens you’ve seen. Intensified reds, blues, and greens result in almost 3D-like visuals. Ideal for medium/bright light conditions.

The ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror lens produces enhanced visuals amplifying colors in their natural state. Designed for the serious offshore waterman seeking to cut glare, eliminate backside reflections and maximize fish spotting opportunities in open water environments. Ideal for bright light conditions.

Both lens tints feature Anti-Reflective (A/R) mirror coating to eliminate backglare and hydroleophobic coating to repel water, dirt, and grease.

ChromaPop is the world’s most scientifically advanced polarized lens engineered to optimize color and increase visual clarity. ChromaPop eliminates color confusion for the brain, ultimately recognizing true color, faster, regardless of lens tint. When light passes through a traditional lens, there are two points where light waves intersect and the brain has to work to decipher whether its seeing red, green or blue. With ChromaPop lens technology, the color intersections are blocked so the brain immediately recognizes true vibrant color as it should be seen with increased depth and detail of objects, while reducing eye fatigue. ChromaPop lenses are also available in a proprietary Prescription Sun solution.


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