Angling Trade Poll: Does Competitive Fly Fishing Sell Product?


Kevin Compton of Cleveland, seen here during a fly-fishing tournament in Roscoe, New York in October 2013, specializes in fly-tying supplies and terminal tackle for competition anglers — and for recreational anglers who incorporate competition tackle and tactics in their own fishing. Photo Morgan Lyle

In the next print issue of Angling Trade, we’ll be running a story by Morgan Lyle on how some manufacturers and shops are tapping into the growing potential of “competitive” fly fishing—special rods, lines and flies that conform to tournament standards.  The “Pro Fly Angling Tour” is set to start in 2014, and some anglers who never “compete” at all are drawn to specialty performance gear.

That said, there’s a pretty vocal contingent in the fly-fishing world who feel that competition and fly fishing mix about as well as oil and water.

We want to ask you, the people who sell this sport, what you think.  Please click an answer below that best describes your position on the matter.

Does Competitive Fly Fishing Sell Product?

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  1. I want to delve into the Competitive Fly Fishing but have had a lot of resistance from the older “purest” in the sport! I am 64 so you know when I say older……I am in the crowd as well, but I happen to think it is great!

    Tried to get one started on Trout and then Bass and they think I am trying to sell their dog or something!

    There is nothing wrong with it and I happen to feel it will get a little KICK in the business!

  2. It seems that bringing a competitive taint to fly fishing is counter to all the positive things that fly fishing has to offer. Once we enter into the competition facet there be be a new level of rods (and more lines and related gear) that will add even more to the cost of fly fishing and bring even more of an intimidation slant to the pastime. While there are those who champion the idea of competition it may benefit us to look at more ways to attract mainstream clients. Those of us who cast and fish well are going to be the most vocal regarding this issue. Those who are not part of the pastime, but “always wanted to try it” (and there are many) are going to say nothing….
    Fly fishing NEEDS to appeal to the masses, not the specialists. We really need to bring more NEW clients into the shops and ease up on wringing more profit out of the existing ones. Fly fishing will branch out into special areas if more growth is fostered.
    This industry has more pressing issues to deal with……

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