Yellow Dog Starts Travel Blog, Revamps Website



Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, the Bozeman, Montana-based fly fishing travel company, has recently revamped and redesigned its website and travel blog in partnership with Brickhouse Creative.  The new website is designed to be the largest, most detailed and in-depth fly-fishing travel site available. It now features over 125 different fishing destinations (international and domestic) as well as dozens of trip planning tools and travel resources.

“Any time that you completely re-do a company website, it’s a big deal,” commented Yellow Dog co-owner Ian Davis. “In this case, we set out to re-create the Yellow Dog site from scratch. We’re obviously excited to have it finished and live.”

On the new website, Yellow Dog has also introduced a comprehensive travel blog that will be managed and directed by fly fishing photographer and social media guru, Bryan Gregson.  Gregson is well-known in the fly fishing industry as an accomplished independent photographer, specializing in creative visual imagery in both still photography and cinematography. Bryan has shot and worked with Patagonia, Volvo, Scott Fly Rods, Hatch Outdoors, TroutHunter Lodge, Casa Blanca Resort, Trout Unlimited, Scientific Anglers, The Drake, The Flyfish Journal and dozens of other publications and magazines. His new role with Yellow Dog will revolve around managing the travel blog with relevant content, great photography, and the latest fishing-travel-related news.

“We’re thrilled to have Bryan on the team,” said Jim Klug, director of operations for Yellow Dog. “We also think that the new blog will be well received, especially since there is no blog source out there that is really dedicated to international and widespread fly fishing travel. With the network of lodges and outfitters that we work with, and with the knowledge base of entire Yellow Dog team, this should end up being a great resource.”


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