Pebble Mine Loses Major Partner


No-Pebble-Mine-LogoThe future of the proposed Pebble mine project in Alaska’s Bristol Bay has never been more in doubt as Anglo American, the major partner behind the project, has opted to quit the project.

We’re close, but we still need to work hard if we’re going to win this battle.

According to Scott Hed, director of the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska, Anglo American’s departure is likely in part a response to the massive outpouring of opposition to the proposed Pebble Mine and support for EPA taking action to protect the most productive wild salmon fishery on the planet.

We will need to capitalize on this development, and encourage our political leaders to follow the lead of the (soon to be former) major mining partner: Bristol Bay is not an appropriate location for mining.  The science backs this up.  The public supports it.  And now the major financial partner behind the proposed Pebble Mine is cutting its losses and abandoning the project.  Securing a Clean Water Act section 404c action is still required to protect Bristol Bay.

Please help out:

1)      Spread the word to your customers, discussing the overwhelming public support shown for EPA protecting Bristol Bay.  A press release is available online at

2)      Check out the posts on, the Save Bristol Bay Facebook group.

3)      Post the story (above) of Anglo American’s decision to exit the Pebble project, and urge your customers to voice their opposition to the mine by going to


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