NetStaff Eliminates Fumbles


7_13_netstaff_WebFor some anglers, managing a wading staff and a net (especially at the same time) can be… well, counterproductive.  In other words, it’s easy to take a swim when you’re fumbling for your net, and when you’re bracing with a staff, you can’t grab the net and manage rod and reel at the same time.   This new product may be the best solution to that quandary… at least the best alternative to adding arms to anglers.

It is, as the name implies, a net and staff combined into one device.  It extends at the push of a button (one-hand operation), becoming either a telescoping net or a fixed wading staff.  Best of all, in compact form, it can hang off the back of an angling vest, jacket, or  wader straps by way of a simple ball-and-cup holder.

The net material is rubberized mesh.  The staff is sturdy and the grip is reliable.  There’s also a fold-out hook took that helps anglers grab branches where they’ve hung flies by mistake.

Retail is right around $200, and many customers will surely embrace this product as one they can literally lean on.


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