Aqua Glo or “The Dot” Is Illuminating


Monic’s Aqua Glo

If you’ve ever fished a Hex hatch in waning light, and wished you had the means to instantly add a little glow to your bug to help you see it ride on the current, you’ll appreciate this offering from Monic.  It’s a wax-based fly dressing that glows in the dark.

Sure… you can always add glow-in-the dark paint to hair wings.  But it’s hard to do that  “on the fly.”  The wax-based substance can be applied quickly, charged with a flashlight, and then removed as necessary to preserve the fly for another day, without permanently altering it.  You might dab it on nymphs or streamers to add some “pop in deeper water.” It also helps dry flies float.  In sum, a savvy multi-tasking asset for the innovative angler.


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