Korkers Devil’s Canyon Boot

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Korkers Devil’s Canyon Boot,

Korkers has also offered up a new twist on neoprene with the introduction of the Devil’s Canyon Boot, which features a durable hard neoprene shell, and a stretchable, supple 4-way stretch neoprene section around the Achilles’ tendon area.  The result is a boot that form fits around the ankle area (no gaps or rubs), yet is extremely light, durable, and agile.

This boot is for the “Ninja” angler who finds himself or herself scrambling across scree fields, or hiking long distances over tundra to find the right spot.

Retail will be $199.99, which includes felt and rubber sole options (the boots have the interchangeable sole system Korkers is known for, as well as the Boa lacing system that many consumers appreciate).


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