Dr. Slick Introduces “Long Range” Clamps


dr.slickFrom Dr. Slick:

Seven- and eight-inch Long Range hemostats (clamps) – Dr. Slick’s latest innovation in heavy duty barb-smashing, fish releasing tools – are now available in straight or curved-jaw styles for fly-fishers and conventional fresh and saltwater anglers.

“Clamps are trending toward longer and stronger for a variety of reasons – primarily the need to crush barbs on bigger hooks, plus the increased amount of fishing for what we call ‘toothy critters.’  At one point, a 5-1/2 inch clamp was considered long; and then anglers wanted 6-inch clamps and now 7- and 8-inches,” said Dr. Slick president Steve Fournier.

The larger, more powerful Long Range hemostats are equally at home on a fly-fisher’s vest or conventional angler’s belt.  “They’ll remove a bass lure’s treble hooks as easily as a woolly bugger,” said Fournier.

Additionally, the added length of the Long Range clamps keeps stray fingers safely away from the razor-sharp teeth of pike, muskie, bluefish and barracuda.

The Dr. Slick Long Range 7- and 8-inch clamps are available with gold loops or all black and straight or 30-degree angled curved jaw. All have a half smooth and half striated jaw structure and feature Pin-In-Shank design for clearing hook eyes and opening small split shot.  They are constructed from 410 Japanese stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42.


Dr. Slick’s improved pin- or clip-on retractors for hook files, line nippers, floatant bottles, clamps or any other tool now have a rubber bumper and spring to protect against hard “snap-back.” The retractors are fitted with a 20-inch steel cord and come with various styles of split rings or snaps to hang almost anything on a vest.   Unlike retractors made with Nylon® cord or monofilament line, the steel cord is virtually bulletproof.

For fly tiers, the ECO brand by Dr. Slick 4-inch stainless steel and brass bobbin features dual glass inserts for – pardon the pun – slicker operation.

Dr. Slick was founded in 1989 by a Montana-based physician and surgeon; the firm will celebrate its Quarter Century anniversary in 2014. Now owned and operated by employees, the firm currently produces some 200 fly tying and fishing products and accessories including scissors, line nippers, clamps, retractors, net holders, tying tools and pliers.


7-inch Long Range clamps (curved or straight jaws); $16.50

8-inch Long Range clamps (curved or straight jaws); $17.50

Steel wire retractors with rubber bumpers and spring; $8

ECO bobbin with dual glass inserts; $7.25


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