Flymen Fishing Company Introduces New Addition to Articulated Shank Range


Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 9.21.47 AMFrom Flymen Fishing Company:

Flymen Fishing Company today announced the expansion of their highly successful Fish-Skull® brand of articulated shanks with the launch of the Chocklett’s Articulated Big Game Shank.

Big Game Shank

As the name suggests, musky guru Blane Chocklett’s version of the Fish-Skull® Articulated Shank is designed for large, articulated flies used when hunting river, lake and sea monsters!

Based upon the original Articulated Shank created by Flymen Fishing Company in 2011, the Articulated Big Game Shank is optimized for both strength and length allowing you to tie big flies that can hook, hold and land large, predatory game-fish.

BGS Features:

  • Heavier gauge wire that can handle more materials and hold bigger fish.
  • Extended length, with oversized front and back loops for bigger hooks.
  • Offset front and back loops for interconnectivity.
  • Three lengths: 28mm (1 1/8”), 40mm (1 5/8”) and 80mm (3 1/8”).
  • Stainless steel for saltwater flies.

Martin Bawden, CEO of Flymen Fishing Company commented:

“One of the most exciting developments in modern fly fishing is that our equipment (fly rods, reels, line, tippet and larger flies) now enables anglers to target almost any fish species previously considered nearly impossible to land with a fly rod. Even marlin and sailfish are now regularly being targeted and caught using fly rods.  Following that lead we are introducing a new—heavy duty—Big Game Shank.

“Generally speaking, the Big Game Shank is designed for tying large freshwater flies to target predator species such as musky, pike, peacock bass, golden dorado, tiger fish and larger lake trout, while in saltwater, the Big Game Shank will be useful for species such as barracuda, striped bass, Spanish mackerel,  tuna,  sailfish, and mahi-mahi, just to name a few.”

Chocklett’s Big Game Shanks and all of our products are available through authorized fly shops and outdoor retailers, as well as the Flymen Fishing Company website.

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Fish-Skull™ and Nymph-Head™ brand products are available through authorized fly shops and outdoor retailers, as well as the Flymen Fishing Company website.

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