The Fly Selector Unveils Website


From The Fly Selector:

The Fly Selector has taken an age old idea of matching the hatch and added a waterproof and tear-proof chart to take with you fishing. The chart is the same size as most state fishing licenses and can be customized with your shop logo on the front. That means that fly fisherman can keep your flyshop logo with them year around.

This handy little tool also is great for filling fly boxes. The Fly Selector matches those old favorite flies that keep producing fish to full color pictures of aquatic insects common in rivers and lakes worldwide. This means that for a customer looking to set-up a fly box for the first time, you can now show the importance of each fly and why a fisherman needs at least 2 dozen flies to get started.

The Fly Selector retails for $5. It sells well at fly bins or as a P.O.S product.

The Fly Selector is another way to continuously add value to your customers day of fishing.

Supply your shop with with the waterproof and tear proof identification guide at or email Chad Pettrone at [email protected]


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