Help the Merced River -Take Action – Don’t Raise the Dam


Ripped word for word from our friends at Moldy Chum:

Something tells me they don’t mind…

A very important action alert from American Rivers.

The Merced River is in danger from a bill trying to de-designate it as a protected Wild and Scenic river in order to raise a dam.

The bill [HR 934] would mark the first time a federal Wild and Scenic River is essentially de-designated for the purpose of raising a dam. It’s a terrible precedent that could affect Wild and Scenic Rivers everywhere — and we need to stop it.

Please take action today


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  1. I Like to Eat on

    This article is a bit misleading. Nobody is trying to “de-designate it as a protected Wild and Scenic river”. Currently there are 120 miles of the Merced River designated as wild and scenic. The proposed legislation would only affect about 1/2 mile of the river, where it spills into Lake McClure. In the future, please don’t leave out important facts.

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