Trident Fly Fishing Releases Scientific Fly Reel Review


From Trident Fly Fishing:

Fly reels are an important part of any fly fishing outfit.  When fishing for large saltwater species, the reel becomes critical – often becoming the deciding factor between landing the fish of a lifetime and ending up with a lost fly and broken tippet. Trident Fly Fishing’s ( inaugural 8-Weight Challenge put 17 of the top saltwater fly reels to the test to find out which reels would stand up to the rigors of big game fishing.

Whether you’re fishing for trout at your local stream, stalking the flats for bonefish, or trying your luck against blue water species, selecting a fly reel is a serious decision and often a significant investment. So… what makes a great saltwater fly reel?

Anglers need enough drag to stop a fleeing bonefish, yet one that is smooth enough to protect light tippets. Weight is also an important consideration and anglers require a reel light enough to cast all day long. When in pursuit of larger quarry, it’s important for reels to hold enough backing (at least 150 yards) and have a fast enough retrieve to bring line in quickly. Finally, fly reels must look great and withstand all of the rigors of saltwater use.

This credo is at the core of the 8-Weight Challenge. Trident evaluated reels using the following criteria:

  • Drag Strength and Start-up Inertia
  • Whether or not the drag was “sealed”
  • Retrieval Rate
  • Spool Width and Volume
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Sounds
  • Look, Feel, & Special Features
  • Warranty

Why hasn’t this been done before? It requires incredibly sophisticated and complex testing equipment to test drags properly. That’s why Trident partnered with Admet (, a leading manufacturer of universal testing machines. Admet’s machines provided an unprecedented level of accuracy, allowing fly anglers to visualize drag performance like never before.

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