People Are Planning to Go to the Show(s)


The results of Angling Trade’s little, informal survey asking retailers and manufacturers if they planned to attend this summer’s ICAST/IFTD trade show, the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, both, or neither are in, and it looks like…

A fair number of industry folks will indeed be in Las Vegas and/or Salt Lake City in July and August.  The results: 47% said they would attend ICAST/IFTD; 13% said they would attend both IFTD and OR, and 7% said they would attend only OR.  In other words two-thirds of respondents said they were going to a show—and that strikes us as significantly more activity than we’ve seen, percentage-wise, in years.  For the record, 22% said they would not attend either, and 11% admitted to being undecided.

We don’t know the breakout in terms of what percentages were retailers versus manufacturers, but AT will be working on that as we move closer to the events.  We do know that some major manufacturers, like Orvis, are going to sit out ICAST/IFTD, but overall exhibitor numbers appear to be trending above past years.  Stay tuned for more information.


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